Lymph Body Tool

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A unique body contouring and shaping tool designed to reach the inner corners of the body. Drains the lymphatic system of fluids and toxins, promotes blood circulation, while sculpting and massaging the body.

How to use:

  1. Firstly use some body drain oil, and moisturise into the skin then get the body tool and begin to use the paddle part of the tool for the inner part of the leg and stroke from the knee to the groin, repeat this 6-10 times
  2. Use body tool from elbow to armpit use the U shape of the paddle
  3. Lastly use the tool starting from the love handles stroking it to the upper body, this is to activate the lymph nodes
  4. TIP: We recommend that you use our Lymph Body Drain Oil, it helps stimulate the lymphatic drainage system