Welcome to the oasis of wellness Blog

Hello readers and Welcome to my first ever blog post!

My name is Dimple, known on instagram by Dimple Amani, born and raised in London, descending from Indian heritage. I am a celebrity facialist, Lymphatic Drainage specialist and creator of the Amani Method.

Whilst being in the industry for over 18 years, I joined Instagram a few years back where I shared my services, products and accomplishments. I have felt the necessity to dive deeper and share my top tips and tricks, as well as educating my followers and those interested in wellness, my hacks and concerns on all things Ayurveda, Health and Wellness.

I hope this blog becomes a guide, help and retreat whenever you need extra information, help, on all things wellness. Feel free to comment your questions and I shall answer them.

Disclaimer: I am a professional celebrity facialist who has also mastered and enjoys all things Ayurvedic. I recommend and advise everyone to check their GPS before taking on any diet or supplements. The blog is a mere reflection of what works for me and general knowledge I have decided to share with my public.