Kansa Wand

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A unique multi-functional double sided massage tool which can be used on the head, face and eyes. Made from copper which eliminates toxins and alkalines the skin. Dark circles are diminished, depuffs the face, improves collagen production, helps flush toxins while increasing blood circulation. Provides deep relaxation, soothes sensitivity, lifts, sculpts and tones the face for instant results.

How to use:

  1. Firstly use the smaller side of the Kansa wand under the eye gently glide from inner corner of the eye to outer corner for circulation to iron out any fine lines
  2. Glide the wand around the eyelids, and make way down to the cheeks massaging into skin and repeat, this helps to de-puff the eyes
  3. Use the wand at the side of nose by gently pulling down towards corner of nose and then to the smile line firmly pushing into skin
  4. Glide the bigger side of the wand from the chin to the outer cheek bone repeat about 10 times on both sides, it gives a chiseled effect
  5. We recommend using a little of our Velvet Miracle Oil with the tool

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