About Us

Utilising the power of Ayurveda and lymphatic drainage for exceptionally transformative, instant results. Dimple Amani is a luxurious, bespoke brand rooted in Ayurveda - offering solutions to balance mind, body & spirit with convenience and accessibility through lymphatic drainage treatments and products to help reach a state of complete relaxation. 

Dimple was introduced to the healing benefits of Ayurveda by her grandmother who shared her beauty secrets and the profound connection between the body, mind and soul. This inspired Dimple to create her own bespoke treatment culminating 18 years of expertise; The Amani Method - a unique combination of Brazilian and Ayurveda Techniques. Delivering the very best massage experience with transformative, instant results. 

The highly personalised Ayurvedic-inspired body sculpting treatments are designed to help clear energy blockages, trapped emotions and flush out water retention, improving digestion. These techniques alongside Dimple's knowledge of the body creates a healing treatment leaving you wholeheartedly nourished.