Our Story

Dimple, a London-born entrepreneur with rich Indian roots, intertwined traditional ayurvedic wellness therapies learnt from her grandmother with western wellness practices.

Having launched her beauty career at 18 and established a salon at 20, Dimple spent 16 years travelling the world to unlock the secrets of overall wellness from some of the most esteemed Ayurvedic gurus and experts from around the globe.

Dimple applied these learnings to curate a completely unique wellness experience  - featuring treatments and wellness products centred on what is now known as the ‘Dimple Amani Method’.

This method is centred on ancient Ayurvedic principles and uniquely integrates Brazilian lymphatic drainage, Finnish infrared therapies, and ancient East-Asian Guasha techniques.  It's not just a transformative face and body treatment - but a holistic approach that enhances overall wellness and beauty by starting from the inside.

Her distinct Ayurvedic skincare line and research-driven wellness products (such as her renowned Miracle Tea and revolutionary body and facial oils) rejuvenate the body, balance the mind, and calm the spirit.

Renowned globally, Dimple Amani is redefining timeless beauty.

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