Kansa Wand
Kansa Wand
Kansa Wand
Kansa Wand
Kansa Wand
Kansa Wand

Kansa Wand


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The Kansa Wand offers the ultimate skincare experience, enhancing your complexion and overall skin health for your head, face, and eyes.

With each use, it sculpts and tones, reducing dark circles and puffiness for a more contoured, well-rested appearance. This tool deeply purifies, alkalizes, and balances the skin's pH, flushing toxins while boosting circulation for a radiant glow. 

Check out the 'Health Benefits' tab for more on the 12 health benefits of Kansa Wand.


    🔆 Radiant Lift: Experience a sculpted and toned visage with each gentle stroke.

    🌙 Dark Circle Diminisher: Watch as the shadows beneath your eyes lighten and diminish

    🌬️ Facial Depuffer: Bid farewell to puffiness and welcome a smoother, more contoured face.

    👁️ Eye Depuffer: Reduce under-eye puffiness and bring forth a well-rested appearance.

     🌿 Skin Purifier: Cleanse away impurities and purify your skin from within.

    🍋 Skin Alkalizer: Infuse your skin with a balanced, alkaline environment.

     🌊 Toxin Flush & Circulation Surge: Aid your skin in detoxifying while invigorating blood flow for a healthy glow

    🧘 Deep Relaxation: Let go of the day's stress and bask in a deeply relaxing experience.

    🌸 Sensitivity Soother: Calm and soothe skin sensitivity for a comforting touch.

     ⚖️ pH Balancer: Harmonize your skin's pH levels for optimal health.

    🔗 Lymphatic Support: Encourage lymph drainage for detoxification and clarity.

    🔄 Skin Texture Enhancer: Transform your skin texture to reveal a smoother, more refined complexion.

    The wand features a double-sided design crafted from pure solid copper, known for enhancing skin elasticity, and its potent antibacterial properties. Paired with a robust 100% pure teak wood handle that ensures hypoallergenic use to rejuvenate and protect your complexion.

    Check out our video in the pictures section on this page to see the kansa wand work pure magic :) Instruction also below:

    Firstly use the smaller side of the Kansa wand under the eye gently glide from inner corner of the eye to outer corner for circulation to iron out any fine lines

    Glide the wand around the eyelids, and make way down to the cheeks massaging into skin and repeat, this helps to de-puff the eyes

    Use the wand at the side of nose by gently pulling down towards corner of nose and then to the smile line firmly pushing into skin

    Glide the bigger side of the wand from the chin to the outer cheek bone repeat about 10 times on both sides, it gives a chiseled effect

    We recommend using a little of our Velvet Miracle Oil with the tool


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