"I left feeling super light and floaty! Dimple really works wonders! So great to meet her and try out the treatment - was such an incredible experience."

Lucy Halfhead, Sheerluxe

"If there is one new beauty and wellness treatment that I will 100% back it's Lymphatic Drainage massages. I never knew how much excess water weight I was carrying around and one treatment with Dimple just made me feel light and completely got rid of my bloated stomach. Her special herbal tea at the end of the treatment was just icing on the cake."

Humaa Hussain, Marie Claire

"I had the best facial with Dimple, I felt like I was floating for the day and so cleansed after the treatment, with water retention flushed and energy blockages released - your gua sha tool at home could only dream of results like this."

Luca Wetherby-Matthews, Glamour

"I was pressed and rolled into a less bloated version of myself, and it felt incredible. In the space of six weeks, my body felt lighter and confident – I finally felt like I’d conquered my excessive bloating."

Nateisha Scott, Stylist

"I recently discovered DimpleAmani’s incredible lymphatic-drainage treatment – inspired by Ayurvedic practices, the body is transformed and sculpted in an hour."

Alice Casely-Hayford, Porter