Lymphatic Drainage - Full Body

The Treatment: Using the Dimple Amani Technique this is a Bespoke massage that works on draining the lymph (fluid) just below the skin that carries toxins whilst ironing and smoothing the whole body. Amani Lymph Drain and Body Oil is heated and poured onto the belly first to help reduce bloating and any digestion problems. This oil is packed with powerful Ayurvedic ingredients like turmeric, ashwagandha, and sesame oil which moisturize and stimulate lymphatic drainage helping to flush away toxins, reduce water retention and protect internal health leaving you feeling super light with exceptional aesthetic results!

Price: With Team:

  • 60 Mins - £160
  • 90 Mins - £270

Price: With Dimple Amani:

  • 60 mins - £370

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